I come from an old New England family who saves everything and totally believes in picking the trash. My family has sheds, barns, and outbuildings bursting with stuff that “someone could use someday”. Need a pull-out couch? Pots and pans? A cast iron stove? Not a problem. Scrounging, collecting, saving, and re-inventing are in my blood.

I have always loved the flotsam and jetsam one finds at the beach, or in the woods, or by the side of the road. I love digging in old dumps, which is what started my love affair with rust in general. I also love sparkly objects, iridescent paint and costume jewelry. I use a wide variety of materials to make my dioramas, collages, and assemblages, including printed images, organic detritus, and all manner of treasures found in old Montana ghost towns and flea markets from here to Albuquerque. My work tells a story, evokes a mood, or makes a statement about a larger idea.

My visual training comes partly from years spent as a professional photographer; I have learned to notice every detail. I have great respect for so-called “outsider” or “folk” artists, people who make art from the heart and with whatever materials they have at hand.

I love the way time and the elements wear away at things and give them grace and newfound beauty: the smooth inner spiral of a seashell, or the lacy delicate edges of some wonderful piece of driftwood. Sometimes the shape of something appeals to me, or the color, or what it could become if I just had a lot of them. Everything has the potential to become something else, and almost everything has the potential to be beautiful, especially when lovingly joined with other emerging, ripening, expectant stuff.

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