The Friend Smithsonian Museum
135 Highland Avenue Somerville

A Tiny Museum funded in part by the Somerville Arts Council
A new exhibit venue for rotating installations.

The Friend Smithsonian Museum is a Tiny Museum (the second one in Somerville) partially funded by the Somerville Arts Council. Curated by Martha Friend, it is an exciting new exhibit venue for local artists!

Located in the front yard of 135 Highland Avenue, it's easily viewed by passersby. It is designed to exhibit small work or installation and will feature a new artist each month. If interested in showing your work contact Martha.

The museum is impervious to weather and well lit. Its dimensions are approximately 24" high, 36" wide, and 30" deep.

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A public viewing of The Emerald City located just a few feet away behind the museum!

The Friend Smithsonian Museum

Silvina Mizrahi

Now on Display

Visit the Tiny Museum to see all three sculptures.


------------ ALL PAST ARTISTS BELOW ------------

Gary Duehr

July through August 2017

"Tiny Mini-City" will be jjust that, made up of crumpled cityscapes on metallic paper, drawn from his series "Soft Cities."

Suzanne Lubeck

May through June 2017

Suzanne Lubeck, painter, jewelry maker, and assemblage artist,
has installed an homage to the sea and to tiny boats.


Marcella Stasa

April 2017

Marcella, an assemblage artist who works 'small',
has created a colorful environment using modeling compound, paint,
and organic detritus to house her whimsical hand made animals.


Laurinda Bedingfield

March 2017


"The Basket"... a post election piece of art."


Martha Friend

February 2017

Sheep in Repose


V Van Sant

January 2017



"Be kind. "  -  " Pay it forward." 
"Knowledge is power... seek it out, and use it wisely."
"Don't judge... until you know both sides of the story... and maybe not even then."

Some ideals to start the new year. It's never too late to start... now more than ever.

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Janie Owen

December 2016


"sculptor, lover of animals, fastener of things"




November 2016


See more of Susan's work here.





October 2016


Martha Friend Artist Statement


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