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Rescheduled for Sunday
February 24, 2008 • 1-4 pm


Curators: Martha Friend and Marcella Anna Stasa

Ghost Town Planet, an installation, is a walk-through environment of our mother planet in a process of transformation. Life forms die and decay, creating sustenance for future generations. Civilizations fall, and others emerge slowly over time. Ruination lays bare the underlying structures of a limitless variety of life forms from the animal and plant kingdoms. Ghost Town Planet reveals the remnants of lives that were slowly being swallowed by lives that will be. Nature is a powerful force that consistently through time has succumbed to death and destruction yet prevailed in its insistence on bringing forth new life again. We humans build cities, gather together in villages, create homes, join with nature, defy her, live in awe of nature’s beauty and go to great lengths to annihilate it. Out of this elemental striving and conflict there at times comes a great deal of beauty and an understanding of the ephemeral nature of life as we know it. Fifteen artists come together at the NAVE Gallery to explore ideas of ruination, decay, rebirth, and spirituality.





• • POSTPONED until further notice. • •
At 8:00 pm in the santuary, there be be a free screening of playwright
Lynn Liccardo's 30 minute one-act play, "Settling In".
Q & A with playwright will follow.

GALLERY HOURS: Friday 5-8pm / Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm

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The Nave Gallery is located in the Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church
155 Powderhouse Blvd., Somerville, MA

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